Advantages VT Trader™ is the number one trading software available in the market today with a complete set of features covering all areas of Forex and CFD trading designed to provide Traders, Dealers, Risk Managers, Administrators and Business Managers efficiency, speed, ease of use and reliability.


For traders

VT Trader™ appeals to Forex and CFD traders around the globe by offering a comprehensive suite of cutting edge features focused on providing optimal service and support. With its easy-to-use and comprehensive desktop, web, and mobile applications VT Trader™ is the premiere platform of choice for all types of tradaers from beginners to experienced professionals.

  • Trading Interfaces: Fully customizable desktop, web based and mobile applications to trade or monitor market from anywhere
  • Client interface: Flexible dealing rates styles; intuitive trading dialogs; "one-click" order placement or position closing; ability to close all outstanding positions at once; simple installation and upgrade; multilingual; customizable colors and fonts, sound alarm schemas, and user templates. All windows are detachable and customizable. Each account and price quote can be detached to a separate window.
  • Order Types: market; position close; entry stop/limit; position stop-loss/limit-profit working as OCO; if done - stop-loss/limit-profit placed on entry orders. Ability to define entry stop / entry limit, stop-loss / limit-profit in money terms instead of price. All trailing Stops are monitored on the server.
  • Multi-currency: Ability to monitor profit/loss and account exposure in the currency of your choice; multiple accounts in different currencies; option of switching the view of account information from one currency to another.
  • Universal Trading Account: Platform supports orders of any size (i.e. “standard”, “mini”, or any other amount).
  • Multiple Accounts Management: Trade on multiple accounts simultaneously. Combine orders and positions on multiple accounts for better exposure representation. Reporting and analyzing earnings by various account criteria.
  • Integrated Charting: Based on real-time dealing rates; various chart intervals; multiple chart styles (such as candlestick, bar, line); Bid and Ask charts; flexible trend lines; Fibonacci projections and retracements; current rate indication line and spread band; drawing object opacity customization for easy chart reading; export to MetaStock; virtually unlimited history length.
  • Studies and Scripting: 30+ built-in indicators; multiple indicators on one chart; customizable indicator parameters, colors, and thickness; intuitive indicator builder with built-in language.
  • Trading from the charts: All orders and positions are displayed on the chart; modify or cancel order right from the chart (either by clicking or dragging); close position from the chart.
  • On-line reporting: All reports are accessible from browser, for any time frame, trading results are reflected immediately (not in the end of the day); comprehensive account statement.
  • Real Time: Dealing quotes delivery; position P/L, account status, margin and equity monitoring all in real time.
  • Reliable connectivity: Secure, instant notification of connection failure, works with firewalls and proxy servers, works with unreliable or poor connections.
  • Multiple conditional price alerts.
  • Connect to any third party application using or client API (Java and COM).


For Dealers and Managers

VT Trader™ is the leading choice for Dealers and Risk Managers. With its automated management of your company’s market exposure and risks, a full service suite featuring all the necessary tools for the dealing desk and risk management personnel as well as a complete back office, VT Trader™ soars above the competition.

  • Real-time Risk Management: Ability for the dealer to manage the company's overall exposure to the market instead of micro-managing each position. Dealers may view net exposure of the company in each instrument at any time. The VT Trader™ monitors not only customer’s positions, but also positions outsourced to other financial institutions.
  • Automatic Clearing: VT Trader™ allows the market maker to automatically outsource any internal order to the external clearing house according to the company risk management settings.
  • Real-time Monitoring and Alerts on Orders and Outstanding Positions: VT Trader™ warns the dealer when the market is moving close to the order rate at which a client has an outstanding order or position; system alerts the dealer when a client is reaching his trading limits and is being margined out.
  • Profit Maximizing: VT Trader™ automatically generates “take profit” alerts for the Dealer’s positions in clearing house according to the company trading policy settings.
  • Multiple Dealers: VT Trader™ supports multiple dealers, and has the capability to track their activity on the personal level.


For Administrators and Business Development Team

VT Trader™ is the ultimate tool to build your business. Our platform allows you to create a network of affiliates, manage your books and personnel, and comply with government regulations. Easy to use, flexible and comprehensive, VT Trader™ is the FX trading platform of choice for Administrators and Business Development Teams worldwide.

  • Easy access to administrative functions with browser base administration module.
  • Online Back Office and Auditing: Platform provides various reports on company P/L, account activity for each customer, total company market exposure, comprehensive up-to-the-minute business and audit reports can be printed for any time frame.
  • Flexible Organizational Structure: Platform stores organizational data and structures in an extremely efficient format, enabling an unlimited number of levels as well as rapid response times for searching across the hierarchy.
  • Business Rules & Account Settings Flexibility: Capable of maintaining different sets of business rules on any number of affiliates (i.e. IBs) or company division levels.
  • Uniform Settings: All trading settings for all business units (company, trader, money owner, account, etc.) support the same format and are organized in a tree-like management structure.
  • Accounting Brokerage Capabilities: VT Trader™ supports special compensation accounts to automatically calculate brokers’ pay-offs.
  • Clearing House (Outsourcing) Capabilities: Processing of clearing operations with third party financial institutions, utilizing their API (Application Programming Interface), and keeping records of outsourced trading within internal back office.
  • Enhanced Administrative Features: Ability to assign multiple business roles to any Platform user. Independent Subsidiary (IS) configuration allows our customer to provide a separate Platform to its independent subsidiary company.

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