VT Trader™ is an online Forex trading Platform with integrated back office, live charting, and technical analysis - all in one. Composed from the following major components: Front Office, Application Server, Back Office, and Performance Monitor and developed on Java Enterprise Edition Platform, VT Trader™ delivers a sophisticated, high-performance application to financial institutions over secure inter/intranet connections. VT Trader™ provides complete processing functionality from order entry through trade settlement. VT Trader™ is the only solution you will ever need for all your trading needs.


Client applications

VT Trader™ provides variety of client interfaces allowing users to reach the market at any time from any place.

VT Trader™ Desktop 

VT Trader™ Desktop is a real-time, fully integrated trader workstation designed to provide all tools necessary for success.  From online trading to integrated charting with custom indicator builder, multi-currency accounts, trading-from-the-charts, and real-time market data, VT Trader™ brings together all industry leading solutions in one convenient application.

VT Trader™ Web 

A browser based web trading application provides all features necessary to instantly access the market from any computer connected to the Internet. 

VT Trader™ Mobile

This platform allows traders to operate on any mobile device, from anywhere at any time. 

Client Reports Portal

This feature allows your customers to retrieve up to the second account statements and trading history reports.  Reports are available in multiple formats (HTML, CSV, Excel, PDF).


Company Internal Application

VT Trader™ Dealer

The Forex market changes every second, making immediate dealer response crucial to success.  VT Trader™ provides a flexible and responsive dealer interface that puts vital data at your fingertips, to keep your business current, profitable and a step above the competition.  

The VT Trader™ Dealer comes fully equipped with customization capabilities to provide responses efficiently resulting in full control over the source of market data.  It also allows dealers to make spread adjustments for specific instruments, and enables dealing desk personnel to conduct order negotiations with the traders online. 

VT Trader™ Administrator

VT Trader™ Administrator provides a graphical, web-based console that enables company personnel to quickly mange customers, company divisions, liquidity partners, risk management settings, and trading rules. Rules can be based on specific currency pair, affiliate, customer, account and any other attribute of the workflow enabling the company managers to assign the appropriate trading and risk management rules at each level of the organizational hierarchy.

VT Trader™ Administrator stores organizational data in an extremely efficient format, enabling an unlimited number of levels as well as rapid response times for searching across the hierarchy.

Company Reports Portal

This application is used for trade history and audit reporting on any level of the company hierarchy.  It allows getting complete and detailed business and audit reports of any type for any set of transactions processed over the Platform.  Reports are available in multiple formats (HTML, CSV, Excel, PDF) and can be customized according to the company’s business needs as well as the requirements of government regulatory agencies.

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