Over the past decade VT Trader™ has become a global standart for excellence in trading applications.

With VT Trader™ your clients can:

  • Trade multiple accounts simultaneously from a single VT Trader™ login. Use features such as “Percent Allocation Money Management” (PAMM), summary position and consolidated position indicators as well as concise order views, all within the chart windows.
  • Utilize buy/sell market orders; conditional stop loss, trailing stop loss, and limit profit orders, buy/sell entry stop/limit orders, complex One-Cancels-Other (OCO), if/then, and if/then OCO orders; as well as technical indicator based orders.
  • Toggle quickly between 1-Click Orders (1CO) mode and Order Confirmation mode to enter and exit the market faster with market orders.
  • Request and manage trades and orders directly from VT Trader™ chart windows. Keep track of account exposure, broken down by instrument and currency, to more efficiently manage risk with VT Trader™ instruments exposure and currency portfolio tools.
  • Effectively monitor margin utilization levels and receive instant alerts when available margin falls below a specified threshold.
  • Analyze past trading performance by utilizing VT Trader™ closed positions and detailed reporting windows.
  • Create and manage price alerts as well as conditional alerts based on almost any analytical drawing tool available in VT Trader™.
  • Perform complex technical analysis by utilizing over 120 technical indicators and a multitude of advanced line studies (5), channels (5), shapes (3), symbols/comments, and analytical drawing tools including Fibonacci retracements, expansions, time extensions, channels, fans, arcs, Gann lines, and grids. In addition, take advantage of over 250 preprogrammed freely available custom technical indicators!
  • Take advantage of over 100 preprogrammed, fully functional automated trading systems. A library of over 1,200 additional preprogrammed trading systems is also freely available!
  • Create custom technical indicators and automated trading systems with VT Trader™ Indicator Builder and Trading System Builder tools and easy-to-learn scripting language.
  • Leverage the power of VT Trader™ built-in advanced COM Server and API functionality to create external trading applications or trading robots.
  • Personalize almost every aspect of VT Trader™ including layouts, workspaces, colors, and trading and chart window aesthetics. Save and recall Chart Templates to quickly apply a predefined set of properties to one or more chart windows with a provided library of over 20 preconfigured sample chart templates.
  • Personalize almost every aspect of VT Trader™ general “look and feel”, trading windows, chart windows, and analysis tools.
  • Save and recall Chart Templates to quickly apply a predefined set of properties to one or more chart windows; A library with over 20 preconfigured sample chart templates is also freely available!
  • Keep abreast of all important economic indicators and news releases with an integrated economic calendar.
  • With the optional Dow Jones News module, your clients can receive real-time streaming news affecting the Forex markets.
  • With the optional AutoChartist™ chart pattern recognition module, your clients can automatically scan for several types of popular price patterns forming in real-time and see the results of those scans directly in VT Trader™ Chart Pattern window and chart windows.
  • View VT Trader™ in 12 different languages.

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