Enterprise grade technology

The VT Trader™ Platform utilizes leading technologies to deliver scalable, reliable and fast solutions to our clients. Our solutions are based and adhere to enterprise grade Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE), running on industry leading application servers like Weblogic and JBoss and persisting data in the highly reliable Oracle database. Our customers benefit from our dedication to employing only the best enterprise grade technologies and our extensive use of resources and research.


Professional development & support

The VT Trader™ Platform is implemented by highly skilled developers with years of experience in software development and financial markets. Operated and supported by a proactive and experienced team of administrators and tested by a dedicated Quality Assurance team.


Standard and flexible architecture

The VT Trader™ Platform standard based, flexible architecture simplifies future development and enhancement of the system. It allows us to dramatically reduce development times and deliver our customers new features faster. Its open nature with support for multiple standards provides for virtually unlimited integration possibilities with third party products and services. The platform architecture is constantly being enhanced and is the result of almost a decade of development.


Fault tolerance and scalability

Forex is a fast paced market where seconds count. We pay special attention to fault tolerance and load balancing to assure the highest level of service and availability. VT Trader™ is fully clustered and our proprietary algorithms allow our customers to cluster most of the trading related services thus delivering constant performance and fast failover. To satisfy the requirement of mission-critical applications we employ clustering on all levels in the system. Our scalable implementation allows us to support tens of thousands of concurrent users and millions of transactions per month.


Redundancy and Disaster Recovery

Being an SaaS provider of trading applications with increasingly high uptime requirements we host the VT Trader™ Platform in enterprise grade datacenters on redundant hardware. All critical hardware and network components are carefully selected and provide the highest level of redundancy. All of our datacenters have multiple internet connections with uninterruptible power. In addition we have implemented and tested disaster recovery plans that allow us to failover service to a secondary datacenter within an hour in case of an emergency in the primary datacenter.

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